Player Rep Update, 5/27/15

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Player Rep Update, 5/27/15

Post by GLENN on Fri Jun 05, 2015 3:06 pm

Hello All!

I am emailing you with a few updates.

First of all there is one big change that you all need to be aware of.

Darren Szewaga has left his position with Krank Golf to pursue an opportunity as a Director of Golf at a course here in Phoenix, effective immediately.
While we were not anticipating this, We are happy to wish Darren the best in his new role.
The bad news is that he has left a bit of a void in our Player Rep Program, but the good news is, now you get the A-Team. 
I am very excited to be taking over his responsibilities.

My direct contact info is:
480-699-5041 x 1000

If you have any questions about the player rep program, from now on, please deal directly with me.

Shipping updates on Rep Packages:

As of TODAY at 4pm AZ time, every player rep package will have left the building. This shipment included all the RH drivers in the standard package, Hats and Shirts and Golf Bag .

RH Fairway Woods, Hybrid Irons and LH driver heads are in the building, and these clubs are being built and will be shipped out as soon as possible. We are going to be filling the back ordered clubs that were sold prior to filling the remaining player rep package, but I was told today that within a week-10 days, we should be able to have all of the additional clubs, and LH drivers out to you all.

If you didn’t receive your business cards in your initial package, you will get them with the LH drivers.

At this point you should have heard from your referral Rep here at Krank, if you haven’t made that connection yet, please let me know.

Many of you had been asking for prices for tournament accessories, Tents, Banners, etc I am putting together a list of products that we have used in the past and will get that out in my next email to you, hopefully by Friday.

Thank you for your patience in helping us get this program off the ground. We are super excited about getting all of you guys up and running!!



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