Player REp Update 6/4/15

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Player REp Update 6/4/15

Post by GLENN on Fri Jun 05, 2015 3:06 pm

Hello All!

My Apologies, but this is a rather lengthy email. PLEASE.. read every word when you have a few minutes to concentrate on it. Many of you have reached out to me, or your referral rep and asked questions that were answered in the last email I sent out, and while we are happy to get you answers at any time, about anything, well.. I won’t go into a big lecture about productivity.

**Many have asked about the 45 day terms and when they will set in. Because we haven’t delivered all the items in your package, we are going to add a little grace to that period. I am going to make a conservative estimate that you will all have your package by June 15th, and we are going to run the 45 days from THAT date. So the 4 inventory drivers you all have will come due on July 31st, 2015.

I want to ask for all of you to send me a reply to this email to let me know where you all are with product received.
You SHOULD all have at this point:

2 RH demo drivers.
4 RH drivers for inventory.
Stand Bag
2 hats
2 polo shirts
Some of you also have business cards.

I need all of you to please respond to this email and let me know if you are missing any of the above to this point, or, if you have it all, please respond and let me know.

The update today on the remainder of your order is as follows:

• LH drivers are in stock and we are caught up to all preorders. Player Rep LH drivers are next in line and actually being built now.
• FW Woods and Hybrids are all in stock and we should have all pre-orders filled by the end of the day tomorrow, and then the player reps will be in line to have all of theirs filled. It will take a day or two next week to build pack and ship the LH drivers and FWs and Hybrids, but they should all be out and on the way to you by mid-week.
• The good news is that the guys have been moving pretty quick and exceeding their estimated delivery times over the past few weeks as we catch up to old business.

SO.. some of you have been asking for some product price lists, and others for some support material pricing. SO, in an attempt to answer some private questions in a public forum for all of us to benefit.

Product pricing:

• F6 Drivers- MAP is 549, MSRP 599 (this is WITH the Tour or Light Tour shaft upgrade included)
• F6 Head only- MAP is 349, MSRP is 419
• LD Club- (Long drive set up-Flywire Shaft Upgrade) MAP 649, MSRP 699.
• FW Wood- MAP 319, MSRP 379
• Hybrid- MAP 299, MSRP 349

NOTE- Bags and Polos and Hats are not able to be sold through you guys at this point. These are items that we purchase and embroider, and the margins are not there at the quantities we buy. Hopefully we can make some changes to that in the future, but if folks are looking for apparel, please have them call us or visit our website to order. You can always get them in touch with your Inside Referral Rep to place an order also.

Sales Materials Pricing:

As of now, here is what I have been able to put together:

• 10x10 Krank Logoed Tent cover- $315
• Krank Logoed “Teardrop” Flag- $255
• 2’x3’ banner- $45
• 3’X6’ banner- $75
• Additional pamphlets- $0.50 each (only in multiples of 100)

If there are other items you would like me to look into, please let me know.

I wanted to make sure that you all had a Sign-Up Sheet for any demos you put on. (attached to the email)

No one should be able to hit one of your demo clubs without first putting their info on this sheet. Any one that doesn’t buy a club to right then and there needs a follow up call within a few days. I want your focus to be “Taking the cream off the top” and then leverage your Inside Referral Partner to put in the work for you to follow up with every person that puts their name down for you. Your partner will be touching base with each of you once a week to give you a status update on any leads you’ve already turned over and to get any new leads you may have gotten.

GUYS- this is a HUGE opportunity for you to earn some BIG cash. If people walk away from you without buying, we need to get them into our follow up process, which includes indoctrination, branding and email and phone call follow up. Let your partners get these deals done for you. It is a crucial part to the big picture.

Now, the Good News! You are now equipped to start making money with your packages. How? Well, I’ve asked Lance to come up with the TOP 5 WAYS he would attack this if he were in your position. Here is his letter to you:

Greetings everyone,

Glenn asked me to put together my top 5 ways to be the most productive as an Official Krank Golf Player Rep. I think it is very important to understand what your goals are. This program is meant to include a wide range of interests. It really doesn’t matter if you are a PGA Teaching Pro or a Plumber who loves the game of golf. If I have learned anything over the last 12 years with Krank Golf, it’s that golfers buy drivers for many, many different reasons. The true definition of being a Krank Golf Player Rep is to believe that our drivers are the best in the world and sharing that with every golfer you know. That in itself will generate sales. For those who want to step it up and make a higher level commitment, here is what I would do:

1. Always have your demos and new drivers with you in your bag. Be willing to approach golfers on the range and when you are playing golf to test the driver. Hand out your business cards and have your credit card processing ready to use on your phones. You are an Official Krank Golf Player Rep and everyone should know it. Wear your polos and hat whenever you can, especially on the course!!

2. Search out local demo days in your area and see if they will allow you to attend. Sometimes there is a fee to be there, but many times there is not a fee. Be prepared with a signup sheet to collect Names, email address and phone numbers. Sell the ones you can and turn in the contact sheet to us at corporate and we will aggressively contact all of them for you.

3. Contact numerous golf courses and ask to participate at the Men’s and Lady’s clubs golf days. Tell them that you would like to do a Krank Golf Demo day on the range before they tee off. Many, many golfers have heard of Krank Golf but have never hit one. You will be surprised on how many will be willing to try one out.

4. This is my personal favorite, but is a bit hard to get the courses in your area to allow you to do it. Ask the golf course if they will allow you to set up on the 18th tee box and offer the golfers a chance to hit the #1 driver in the world to finish their round of golf. It’s really that simple. 90+% of the golfers will choose to hit your Formula 6. You will not have much time to sell them, because you cannot back up the course. Have your signup sheet there to gather names and sell the ones you can on the spot. I would always call the hottest leads the next day and sell them directly. It is a little more work but I always sell between 10 and as many as 50 drivers every time I have done it. This is a higher level commitment because of the follow up required, but at $200 commission per sale, it’s worth it. And if you can’t get the quick sale on the follow up, hand in the contacts to your Inside Referral Partner and let them chase the leads for you!!

5. Charity and Corporate golf outings. This is how Krank Golf started. I hesitate sharing this as an option because it can be quite complicated or can be very simple. I started Krank Golf doing Long Drive exhibitions at Charity and Corporate golf outings. Krank Golf has done of 2000 of them. What I found is that you sell more drivers if you just let the golfers hit your Krank Golf driver on the tee box, rather than a Long Driver out there smashing golf balls. As a Krank Golf Player Rep this is a way for you to get in front of a lot of golfers, raise money for the Charity, make some money for yourself and sell a lot of drivers. I would like to know who is interested in perusing this avenue and schedule a webinar to better explain it. So, I will not go into details here. Please respond to Glenn if you are interested and we will put together an official Charity and Corporate golf outing presentation. My biggest concern is to do this right and make it a win-win for the Charity and you at every event. I look forward to see who is interested in this program.

Please understand that we are interested in assisting every one of you at any level you need. This program is a work in progress and I believe will be one of the highest level sales generators for Krank Golf.

Thanks to everyone for being interested in Krank Golf.

Lance Reader

OK, this is Glenn again. You made it through! =-)

**Please don’t forget to respond to this with an update on the status of your delivery. If you didn’t receive anything that you SHOULD have by now, let me know, ASAP!**

Cheers and GOOD LUCK!



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